Web Design



HTML CSS DeveloperI hand-code semantic, table-less, compliant and light-weight HTML and CSS, keeping only content in the HTML and all presentation in external CSS style sheets. I test every website on PC (XP and Vista) and Mac platforms using Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 7, 8 browsers, and others by request.

LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP

LAMP MySQL PHP DeveloperI primarily use the LAMP solution stack as my web server environment because it is free and open-source. For custom web applications, I use relational database concepts for designing custom database tables.


Joomla developerAfter working with teams to develop several large Joomla sites, I've developed six sites as a solo freelancer using Joomla 1.5. I've developed custom templates, components and modules.

Prior to developing custom extensions, I'll search for high quality open-source extensions in order to add functionality to a site without reinventing the wheel. Frequently, I'll find software that comes close to meeting the project requirements then I'll modify or extend the code to work exactly as needed.


Javascript developmentJavascript is my primary language of choice for client side applications, such as validation and sorting. This page includes a custom application that uses an open-source Javascript sortthe page sort changes quickly without reloading.


Jquery developmentJQuery can be used to add movement to a page that is accessible for phone, iPad, and other devices. This page uses JQuery to provide the "accordion" effect. My home page uses JQuery to display the portfolio carousel.



Flash developerI've integrated open-source XML flash photo galleries to provide a rich user experience and cool features like full-screen and slideshow views.

After developing a custom price database web application, I integrated a flash component (amCharts) to create fully interactive charts that use smart features like rollover displays, slidebar and button changes to time frames or commodities without data reloading.

I've used Flash to display video and Actionscript to display a still image while the video is loading. To provide a scaled down version for phone, iPad and other devices that don't support Flash, I will typically display a still image that matches the overall look and feel of the site and keeps the site from looking broken.